Xbox End User License Agreement

You retain ownership of your user comments and all the intellectual rights they contain, provided that these comments do not contain feedback, as defined below. From time to time, we may share or publicly share or disseminate user comments on our website or through other community channels, press releases, or advertising and marketing materials. You grant us a non-exclusive, permanent and irrevocable right and you allow us to use your user comments as part of the promotion of the game. Microsoft uses the procedures described in Title 17, United States Code, Section 512 to respond to evidence of copyright infringement. In appropriate circumstances, Microsoft may also disable or terminate accounts of Microsoft service users who may be repeat offenders. Try to sell, sublicensing, rent, rent, rent, transfer a security interest in the program or otherwise transfer a copy of the program or your rights to the program to other parties in an unsauthorized manner. Software and content (if applicable) made available for download by the website, with the exception of software that can be made available by end-users via a communication service (« Software »), is the copyrighted work of Microsoft Corporation and/or its suppliers. The use of the software is subject, if applicable, to the terms of the end-user license agreement that is included in the Software or Software (« Licensing Contract »). You cannot install or use software with a license agreement or a license agreement unless you agree to the terms of the license agreement. For software that is not accompanied by a licensing agreement, Microsoft Corporation heresily grants the user a revocable personal and non-transferable license for the use of the Software to view and otherwise use the respective website in accordance with these Terms of Use and no other purpose, provided that you keep all ownership and other references intact. Any third-party information accompanying software is provided only for informational purposes. No other rights or licenses, either explicit or implied, including, but not limited to implicit patent licenses, will be granted by Microsoft. Software is owned by Microsoft and/or its suppliers and is protected by international copyright laws and treaty provisions.

Any reproduction or transmission of the software is expressly prohibited by law and can result in heavy civil and criminal penalties.

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