What Does Grant Agreement Mean

Grant Contract1 Grant Contract Duration 1.1 Validity Date: Funding period runs from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2021. This is the share of financial assistance funds applied to the sales performance objectives set out in the subsidy contract for the period from September 14, 1999 to the end of the subsidy contract on June 30, 2000. In principle, the allocation of funds for each grant is as follows: 80% is paid when the grant agreement is signed between the two parties; the balance is paid on the basis of the actual expenses incurred and after the presentation and adoption of the final annual reports on the implementation of financial aid by the Council of Europe. Health RES-2012-434Appre a grant agreement with Mariposa`s First 5 for the Department of Health`s Smart Start Maintenance Program, and authorize the Chair of the Board of Supervisors to sign the CAS10 agreement. PaTH Internship42 Document Change History – Documentary Evidence for Claims for Payment Guidelines Background These guidelines define the department`s documentation obligations for service, funds, refunds and ancillary payments provided under the Social Services Department grant agreement. The number of people per month for each supply item is defined in Schedule I of the subsidy agreement and cannot be changed. At the same time, it terminated all obligations under the March 1997 grant agreement (« Grant-Vertrag »), including those that were included in the revenue performance targets. The Department may terminate the contract in accordance with the terms set out in the Master Grant Contract section of this Agreement. The grant contract describes the financial participation of the trust and the beneficiary as a percentage. The respective options of Article 2, Article 31.6 and Article 41.4 2 of the Standard Grant Agreement are applied.

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