Wftda Non Disclosure Agreement

This privacy statement applies to content hosted on and/or (WFTDA website). WFTDA is not responsible for the privacy policy, practices or content on websites that may be accessed or linked to the WFTDA website. The WFTDA does not sell email addresses and under no circumstances do we collect personal data revealing racial or ethnic origins, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, union affiliation, health or sexual life. Questions about this privacy statement should be addressed to with the words « Privacy Policy » in the subject of your email. One of the biggest problems with WFTDA in the past, present and probably future is the way information is communicated and shared. Anyone who is part of a WFTDA league must sign the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This agreement allows WFTDA to regulate the information that will be distributed among its members. This covers a large amount of information and even extends to people who have left WFTDA for up to one year. It is supposed to keep the information in the house until they are ready to be presented to the world in general or not, depending on what they are. Although in theory, because of the number of participants (thousands) and the way the information is presented by their WFTDA representatives from one league to another, it fails in practice. Recently, RDIT published the story Victory Through Destruction: A Look at Game Play Destroying Strategies on July 14, 2011. A few hours later, announced the new « Rules Central », which discussed the same strategies that the article referred to, stating that these things had been discussed before ECDX, but that no official action had been taken at this stage.

Coincidence? Perhaps, perhaps not, since WFTDA positions almost all end on a voluntary basis, without pay, things are not always going to go down on time. A cookie is an item of data stored on your computer. It allows our website to remember you and your preferences. We use both session identification cookies and persistent cookies. For the session identification cookie, the cookie is simply stopped as soon as the user closes the browser. A persistent cookie is a text file that is stored on your hard drive for a long time. Persistent cookies can be removed by following the instructions in the Internet browser help file.

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